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Cuphead Mobile by MrSkailo APK

Cuphead Mobile by MrSkailo APK - Review

Don't be fooled by its appearance that looks like a classic cartoon, because this game is AMAZINGLY DIFFICULT! This game titled "Cuphead" is somewhat compared - same level to the popular difficult game Dark Souls. And if you want to experience the games on your android mobile devices, you should thank MrSkailo for porting this game to android! So support them too!

Cuphead tells the story of two "cup" characters named Cuphead and Mugman who bet with demons. They lose, and finally take them on an adventure in this game. Looking at the graphics displayed is quite funny. But make no mistake, Cuphead has an incredible level of difficulty. No less difficult than Dark Souls android!

The gameplay of this game adopts a side scrolling shooter like Contra, but also has run and gun elements with many bullets that adorn one screen. In this game, all you can do is shoot at the enemy, while avoiding bullets fired by jumping or running here and there.

What makes this game even more difficult is the ability to "parry" bullets or pink objects that can help you produce greater damage to the enemy. How to fend it off a little gambling, where you have to jump up to the bullet coming from the enemy, then press back the jump button shortly before the bullet hits you. Yes, it is very thin the difference between you successfully giving damage to the enemy, or precisely you who are exposed to his damage!

If you succeed in doing so (parried bullets and returning them to the enemy), then you can fill a special meter move. When the meter is full, you can fire a laser that can give considerable damage to the enemy. The gameplay sounds quite simple, but the high difficulty level is what will probably make you "happy" because your character is killed many times and has to repeat a level from the beginning.
-Ported to Android
Link Download:

Size: 239mb

Credit: MrSkailo

Cuphead Mobile by MrSkailo Gameplay

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