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Subway Surfers Mod Menu by Ciber Hacker APK

Subway Surfers Mod Menu by Ciber Hacker APK - Review

Looking for the best offline Android games? Subway Surfers can be one of the options. From the name, you might have guessed that this is a game about trains.

Subway Surfers is a game in the casual genre set in parkour. Parkour itself is a kind of activity that runs without stopping the obstacles in front of you.

With basic gameplay such as running, ducking, jumping, and turning, Subway Surfers avoids train-like obstacles and other obstacles such as obstacles, bushes, and more.

The game itself has a fairly good rating on the Google Play Store with a 5-star rating out of 807,000 and a rating of 4.7 out of 971,000 votes. In our opinion, Subway Surfers is very good and we recommend playing on Android.

Yes, the background of this game is a train. Produced by Sybo Games and Kiloo Games, the game features exciting action as you chase a series of train cars. This arcade game, which uses vandalism as the plot of the story, is not to be missed.

The protagonist of the Subway Surfers game is Jake. Along with the other characters, Jake draws graffiti on a railroad car. This behavior is considered vandalism. As a result, they had to deal with the authorities. Jake had to run along the train tracks to avoid catching the police and his dog. It's a pretty unique scenario, right?

From various subway surfer game reviews, the game is very easy to play. There are 4 controls that allow you to move your character. That is, if you slide to the left, you can slide to the left, if you push to the right, if you push down, you will roll, and if you push up, you will jump. You can slide the screen to easily control your character.

In addition to escaping from a police chase, there are many obstacles to avoid, such as the Kerta Wall, tunnels, station pillars, etc. If you hit this obstacle, the game ends. In addition, you must run it while completing Subway Surfers missions. It lasts longer and you can earn coins as a reward.

Subway Surfers is a very interesting game with all the features. For example, there is a high-scoring feature that allows you to see the ranking between different players playing this game.

This feature can motivate you to get the highest score. It's been quite a while since the game was released, but it's no surprise that so many people have been addicted to continuing to play Subway Surfers until now.

Another interesting feature is the daily challenges and missions that require you to complete a given Subway Surfers daily challenge. To answer your daily challenges, all you have to do is construct words from a series of letters.

Prizes awarded are in the form of coins and super mystery boxes, with random contents such as specific power-ups, unique equipment, and extra powers.

Coins earned by completing daily missions can also be used to get new subway surfer characters.

So you can conclude that the game is vastly different from running away from a police chase, avoiding obstacles, and completing other missions.

Subway Surfers is not just a chase game. The interesting thing about the game is the available items that you can collect as you progress through the game. The item you encounter and use the most is the coin.

The coins are very easy to get to because they are located along the traversing train route. Earned coins are used to extend playtime, purchase various items, and acquire new characters.

In addition to coins, there are various items such as hoverboards, mega headstarts, and more. Both give the character special abilities to keep him in the air and fly.

The game doesn't have a difficulty level to choose from, but the difficulty level continues to increase with the current game. So in this case, your character will run faster and faster, so you'll also need a quick reflex to keep playing the game. In this game, you can also collect coins for later use in the store. In this case, the store also offers cash to buy coins.

For a while in the game itself, you can get the following power-ups or additional abilities: - Super Sneakers: Jump higher and farther - Jetpack: Space flight - Magnetic coins: Draw coins around your character - 2x multiplier: Get double the coins.

In the game you will also find a mysterious box where you can get certain coins or items when opened. Subway Surfers will also receive daily missions and challenges that not only run but also add to the excitement of the game. The missions and challenges themselves are sometimes easy and sometimes difficult. In our opinion, the graphics provided are very good because the performance is very smooth and there is very little lag.

For the animation itself, it depends quite a bit on the execution or hoverboard. In my opinion, the only downside to this game is that the battery drains very quickly. This is probably because the graphics displayed in the game are too detailed and feature-rich. However, this does not have a significant impact on the quality of the game itself.

Subway Surfer is a casual genre game in which you can continue to run non-stop until you are stopped by an obstacle. Good graphics and detail, interesting power-ups and store features make this game addictive.
-God Mode On/Off
-No Clip On/Off
-Unlimited Jumps On/Off
-Police Mode On/Off
-First-Person Mode On/Off
-Money Rush On/Off
-Teleport Menu
-Camera Menu
-Booster Menu
-Player Settings
-Police Settings
-Menu Manager
Link Download:

Size: 171mb

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