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Genshin Impact 2D Offline Pixel Art Edition by hola哈呐 APK

Genshin Impact 2D Offline Pixel Art Edition by hola哈呐 APK - Review

This is the new updates for the previous Genshin Impact 2D Pixel Offline we've shared! So yes, the game had been got updated with much more awesome features and become more likely to the original Genshin Impact! There also more story added in this update, sadly the languange yet still in chinese so it will be a bit hard to understand, but don't worry! The developer, hola哈呐 said that the English version will come in the future updates. But if you want to download Genshin Impact mod apk offline android, you can check the link below after the review of this game.

Genshin Impact Offline android is Mihoyo's Action RPG game that has recently become so popular due to the many waifuable characters that make this game have a lot of fans. But the problem in this game is the minimum specification needed to play this game is quite high, so many gamers can not play it.

Mihoyo, the developer behind the popular Honkai Impact 3rd game, recently officially released their newest, much more ambitious game project, Genshin Impact Pixel apk. Different from the predictions of many people when this game was first announced, Genshin Impact 2D was successful in stealing the hearts of many gamers thanks to its quality that is considered quite solid and not just impressed as a clone game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This comparison is inevitable, because Genshin Impact 2D Pixel is clearly seen taking some unique concepts from the game.

Genshin Impact is an open-world action RPG game that focuses more on single-player content. This is an important point to talk about, because not a few people still think that this game is built like an MMORPG with a focus on multiplayer content, let alone see the availability of free access to play the game. So you can download Genshin Impact mod apk 2021 Pixel Edition that was made by fans, if you think this 2D version if online like the original game. This assumption is quite missed, because Genshin Impact 2D Pixel apl is as actually built like an open-world RPG game that many of you encounter in the market, where the story campaign portion becomes the main driver to make progress and it is playable without internet connection.

For the story itself, you will play as one of two twin sisters who travel to various worlds, where one day when they arrive in Teyvat they are confronted by a mysterious god who kidnaps one of them and separates each other into different worlds. When dealing with this god figure at the beginning of the game, you will be given the option to play as a male or female twin. Although in this Genshin Impact Offline android you can only use the female (Lumine) character yet. And you will start in the forest near city called Tevyat.

Teyvat in mod apk Genshin Impact Offline 2D Pixel apk is an open-world world that is very beautiful and presented with colorful graphics that spoil the eyes. Not infrequently every time we do exploration we stop to see the environment and appreciate its beauty. During your explorations you'll also find a similarity to Breath of the Wild as most people keep talking about, and the resemblance lies in the character's ability to climb any wall, using a wing-shaped glider to hover in the air, a fairly limited stamina system. Sadly, in this fangame Genshin Impact Offline 2D, there are many features that aren't available yet, remembering the size of the game that is so small.

Aside from its natural beauty, you can also see how Mondstadt and Liyue which are two big cities in this game are built with incredible detail and aesthetics. Although each city doesn't have too many NPCs, you can still feel how life those cities live when explored. And great news too because in the mod apk Genshin Impact offline android, there are already some NPCs that you can interacted with and some cutscene already added.

Captivating world presentation isn't the only advantage of open-world design in Genshin Impact, as you'll also be preoccupied with the many points of interest that are widespread throughout the world map. Exploration always feels rewarding because you will always find something interesting, in this Genshin Impact 2D Pixel Offline apk, you have limited exploration but while in the original game, you can whether it's just conquering an enemy camp that stores treasure chests to open, puzzle challenges to solve, temples or dungeons to explore, and much more.

But now for you the owner of potato hape, can play and download Genshin Impact mod apk Pixel 2D Offline, which is the presence of a Genshin Impact game in pixel form. Of course this game will not be heavy for potato hape and has a size of only 30mb only. But this game that does not seem official from Mihoyo presents the first scene when you are present in the Mondstat area. With a funny pixel shape will bring a different excitement from the original game. It's worth remembering, this game doesn't made by miHoYo, although the story and character design (even the skills) are very similar to Genshin Impact. You can download game Genshin impact mod apk Pixel Offline version that is made by fans now and experience the vast world in style of cute pixel.
-New Characters
-New Region
-New Monster
-New Animation
-Day/Night System
-Clock (Skip Time) System
-And So Much More!
Link Download:

Size: 33mb

Credit: hola哈呐

Genshin Impact 2D Offline Pixel Art Edition by hola哈呐 Gameplay

Genshin Impact 2D Pixel Offline (Older Version) APK: CLICK HERE!

See you next time and stay tuned!
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