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Clash Of Clans Offline - Mod Menu + SAVE Edition APK

We've already shared the offline version of Clash Of Clans Mod (COC) before, but sadly in the previous version, there are no way to save the progress. But with this Save Edition, you can save your entirely progress while playing COC Offline Mod! We've shared how to save Clash Of Clans Offline and explained the apk & tutorial below, so please check it carefully!

Talk about strategy games. Definitely familiar with Clash of Clans (COC), there are some tips where one plays the game by making defenses as good as possible and fighting against enemy defenses. You must make the troops as strong as possible by thinking of a powerful strategy to break through enemy defenses. COC has an easy-to-understand mode as well as simple graphics. Many pro-gaming people like to play it, especially those who love games that are based on strategy.

Clash of Clans Offline is a mobile game that is analogous to life in a village where the purpose of this game is to attack other people's villages offline. We need to prepare troops and strategies so that the attack can bear fruit. Attacks can be done in both war and challenge. Levels in this game can be viewed based on Town Hall levels, ranging from TH 1 to TH 10 (for this Clash Of Clans Debug apk offline version) and for Builder Hall (night village), having levels ranging from 1-9. The development role is assisted by a builder that we can have, where the maximum number is 5 builders and 1 master builder (in the Builder Hall). Some people are having problem on saving the progress, so we have shared how to save COC Offline apk tutorial below.

In Clash of Clans Mod Menu, you play the role of a barbarian chieftain. Your objective is to create a city rich in resources, and it's also well protected so you don't get attacked by enemy tribes. Of course, you can also attack these tribes by using the skills of your own people and then reap the rewards. The exciting blend of castle defense, strategy and simulation genres is a perfect word to describe Clash of Clans offline apk.

In this COC Offline version, there is a clan castle building that serves to receive troops' help from clanmates. We can also donate the troops we have to clanmates. In addition to Level TH and Builder Hall, there is also a trophy that determines the amount of loot bonuses that we get and our levels globally. In addition, the clan itself has a level, where each level has rights that can be obtained (amount of donate, loot capacity of war). Clan castles have different capacities at each level, from only being able to get troops' donations to being able to get spell donations and Siege Machine.  

In this game, there are 3 types of loot, namely gold, elixir, and dark elixir (TH 7 and above). But by using this COC Mod apk, you can get unlimited on all of the loot Troops in coc have 2 characteristics, namely elixir troops (14 troops) and dark elixir troops (10 troops). In addition, there are super troops numbering 9, which are adapted from normal troops and have stronger power than normal troops. Heroes in COC consists of Barbarian King (acquired during TH 7), Archer Queen (obtained during TH 9). Spells in COC amount to 11 pieces, consisting of 6 spell elixir and 5 spell dark elixir. For defenses, there are weapons, fences, bombs, booby traps (land and air) and tornado traps.

In Clash Of Clans mod apk, you not only build buildings, more specifically you have to build a solid defense for your village. As the chief, you will need to build walls for defense, cannons, or watchtower and you could also recruit troops such as barbarians, dragons, or goblin and still much more. In essence, it's not how many villages you create, but how strong your village is at withstanding the attacks of goblins.

In conclusion, Clash Of Clans offline apk is indeed an exciting freemium game. The graphics are also very interesting, because the characters are already in 3D shape, as well as the background. In addition, the existence of direct interaction through chat really makes this game different from simulation games in general. So, I really highly recommend this game for those of you who like the genre of simulation, action, strategy or even castle defense, and moreover, the Clash Of Clans mod apk we talked today is already modded with unlimited money, debug menu and can save the progress.
-Offline Mode
-Save Available
-Unlimited Money
Link Download:

Size: 63mb

Tutorial How To Save:
1. Open Chat & Type "/save" on Global Chat.
2. Send & Close The Chat.
3. Close The Game
4. The Progress Then Will Be Saved.


How To Use Debug Menu:
1. Open Chat & Type "/debug_menu" on Global Chat.
2. Click Send
3. The Debug Menu will show up.
Clash Of Clans Offline + Debug Menu & Save Gameplay:

Clash Of Clans Offline Mod APK (Older Version): CLICK HERE!

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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