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Among Us: Imposter Hide 3D Horror Nightmare Mod APK

Among Us: Imposter Hide 3D Horror Nightmare Mod APK - Review

Imposter Hide 3D Horror Nightmare is a game inspired by Among Us. You're in a spaceship, but there's a need to escape from the terrible creatures. As you browse through the different rooms of your plane, you'll have to complete the missions you're given while avoiding being seen by impostors.

Imposter Hide 3D Horror Nightmare has 3D visuals visible from subjective cameras. You can see different areas of the map from a first-person perspective while trying to activate certain elements and improve the connections that are essential for the plane to work.

Imposter Hide 3D Horror Nightmare has simple controls that you can use to navigate through the setting. Touch the left side of the screen to move around while tapping the 'use' button on the right to perform the action. This way you can easily complete tasks while avoiding enemies.

Throughout the game in Imposter Hide 3D Horror Nightmare, you'll feel the strain of having to move around on a plane unnoticed. The impostor moves freely and will catch you with his big teeth so you can't escape. The creature's goal is to kill the entire crew, and you can only defeat it by completing tasks.
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Size: 73mb

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