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Honkai Impact 3rd Offline Mod APK

Usually we know that Honkai Impact 3rd is an online game, but not anymore! We can also play it offline without internet! So is Honkai Impact 3rd Offline? Yes! We can play it offline now with this Honkai Impact 3rd mod apk! This game deserves to be called one of the games with the best graphics quality, can even approach console games. Mihoyo brings the characters and nuances of anime and manga games into this game. 

Things that are not expected if it turns out there is a game file Honkai Impact 3 that can be played offline. This game itself has graphics that are just as good as the original Honkai Impact. The appearance or visuals of the characters are the same. When else do we experience a game this cool without an internet connection?! But well,  the features are not full like the online. There's not even a menu in it. There are no stories or stories either. In this Honkai Impact 3rd mod apk, the offline game only features 3 character images representing 3 areas. It's a beach, an academy building, and a dark room that seems like a research place. Every location in this game, like a mission, in which waiting for enemies and bosses who must be defeated. So yes, this game will be boring if played intensely. But sometimes it can still be entertaining. The character is cute beautiful anime girls. 

Honkai Impact 3rd is one of the games with hack and slash type gameplay. It's just that different from all action RPG games, Honkai Impact 3rd game does not have an auto mode. So, to play it you need free time and persistence is quite large. All Honkai Impact 3rd characters are nicknamed Valkyrie and have a fashionable, beautiful, and funny look typical of anime characters. For those of you who like waifu anime characters must love playing this game. This game also perfect for those who love Genshin Impact, since this game is from the same developer, Mihoyo.

Gameplay in missions can be said to be identical to the original. And this is why I feel if this game is in a group of games that are quite heavy on the run. But compared to the original version, it should be lighter, because the features are not much and there is no internet connection load. 

Honkai Impact 3rd Offline Edition also provides a level with each challenge different with different difficulties. Honkai Impact 3rd will provides you gameplay that can be solved it easily. In addition, when you have completed all the challenges in each stage at the end of the level you will face the enemy by fighting the boss. When playing in one mission, you can bring 3 mainstay Valkyrie. When fighting you can change characters instantly quickly. Each character has their own moves. Even the key combinations of each character are different. For example, the character of Kiana. To get the combo and ultimate skill out you have to press two buttons simultaneously and a specific pattern.
-Three Characters (Kiana Kaslana, Kallen Kaslana, Bronya Zaychick)
-Three Arena
-HD Quality
Link Download:

Size 470mb

Honkai Impact 3 Offline APK - Gameplay

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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