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Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy Mod Menu by Ciber Hacker APK

Getting Over It is an action casual game created by Bennett Foddy. Unlike most games, this game was deliberately created by Bennet to frustrate its players! But now with this Mod Menu made by Ciber Hacker, so do not forget to support them! With this mod, you now be able to adjust the scales of the character, make a clone of it, or even change the gravity! There is so much fun that you can made with this mod! No more hard games of Getting Over It mod menu apk!!

In this game Getting Over It mod apk you move someone named Diogenes who is half his body in a large water stove. He uses Yosemite Hammer to climb and pass through all sorts of obstacles. The mechanism is quite simple, you can move it and the hammer using only a mouse or trackpad. 

It's just that the variations can vary. Not to mention having to adjust to the obstacles. According to Bennett, the average Getting Over It can be completed within 5 hours. It can be faster for those who are used to playing it. But for lay players, Getting Over It mod menu apk may not even be able to finish at all. 

So in this game your goal is just to climb as high as possible to the moon by using a hammer. Your character is a man who is in the pot. So how you should be able to climb to the highest point of the game just by using a hammer. Oh yes the game Getting Over It mod menu apk is also said to be a light game with standard internet cafe specs can also playin this game.

This game was made by Bennett Foddy a gamer who claimed to have played the game from the age of 3 years. He also said that he could actually make a game that people liked. Rich shooting games, or even games that can be saved so we dont need to restart if play the game again. But it's different from this Getting Over It game.

Getting Over It will revolve around a bald man by the name of Diogenes who sits in a cauldron and holds a Yosemite hammer. This hammer he could use to grip objects and move by himself. Using a mouse or touchscreen, players will be challenged to move Diogenes from a narrow valley to a city full of garbage.

The game was released in December 2017 by Bennet Foddy and is described as a psychological horror adventure game. Many positive reviews about the game, but not a few who give negative reviews. The reason why some give average negative reviews is because they have difficulty in playing them which makes them frustrating so they don't want to continue.

Actually, Getting Over It mod menu apk is a fairly simple 2D game. The player only has to direct one character to pass through various obstacles to keep moving upwards. It's just that, to complete the mission turned out not to be that simple. As the creator, Bennet Foddy deliberately presents obstacles that are quite difficult. Logically, maybe the player will feel the obstacle will not be passed. Foddy himself admitted that when making this Getting Over It mod apk, he positioned himself as a player, not a maker.
-Scales + / -
-Clones + / -
-Gravity + / -
-Timescale + / -
-Menu Manager
Link Download:

APSize: 26mb
OBB Size: 97mb

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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