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Resident Evil 4 Mobile by ExproidProgamer Mod APK

This time, we will take a look on unofficial version of Resident Evil 4 Mobile Edition, this version is made by ExproidProgamer. While being a fanmade game, this version is also had the story and the gameplay of the original version. And the game also already modded to make it easier to play! The features of mod apk of this Resident Evil 4 Android will be explained below!

Leon is the protagonist in this game. He is a Rookie police officer of the Racoon Police Department (RPD). Maybe some veteran Resident Evil fans have known Leon since the second series, but this distinctive figure with throwing bangs just felt shining through Resident Evil 4. No longer working as an R.P.D. police officer, this time Leon has become a much more experienced Secret Service agent. As an agent working directly under the president, he is finally assigned to rescue the daughter of the U.S. president named Ashley Graham who has been kidnapped. Leon is then sent to a rural region of Spain, where the cult that kidnapped Ashley is believed to be there. In order to save Ashley Graham, Leon must overcome various dangerous obstacles. And must defeat the deadly zombies. Not only poisonous, zombie zombies even carry weapons and are ready to kill Leon.

Therefore, here Leon not only had to endure as long as possible on the battlefield. But he must also be able to play a strategy so that he is not caught by zombies. In addition, the timely use of weapons is also very helpful. Do not be too wasteful to use weapons to make weapons can not be used anymore, even though zombies still surround it. 

The features of the mod version are also not much different from the original version, ranging from game play, main features to how to play it. It's just to give you a different gaming experience. This mod version is came with a variety of additional features, which unlimited health and unlimited ammo features that make players will not be able to die easily. And be able to fight zombies and exterminate them. This game itself was originally available in PC and Console versions, but now users can play this game through Android with Resident Evil 4 Android Mod Apk. Besides being able to be played on android, this game also carries some additional features. And all these features are very useful to save the president's daughter and make it easier to complete missions to defeat the zombies.

The biggest enemies in this game are zombies that must be eliminated and destroyed. To defeat them, players could use the weapons already provided. Unfortunately, the weapon has limited ammunition. So if not used wisely then the ammunition can be quickly exhausted and players will have difficulty in dealing with the exhausting zombies. But this mod version has one of the very interesting advantages. Yes, it is unlimited ammo that makes the player will never run out of ammunition at all to fight zombies.

Not only ammo, but you will have unlimited health so you will not be afraid of dying from the zombie. Being a pro player means not to die in this game, because if it dies then the levels and missions will not be able to be completed and continue to the next mission. Because if the game ends then you will continue playing from the beginning again. Of course this is quite a waste of time right, considering fighting zombies is a mission that is quite difficult to do. But with this feature, players do not need to be afraid to lose or die because of zombie attacks.

This mod apk can also allow players to play Resident Evil 4 Android with offline or without using an internet connection. That way players can play this game without having to always be connected to the internet network. Even if you do not have a quota or no internet network then you can still play this game with an offline mode. Resident Evil 4 Mod apk is indeed one of the most thrilling games that is very unfortunate to miss. Don't forget to try it and play on your android devices today.
-Unlimited Ammo
-Unlimited Health
Link Download:

APK Size: 30mb
OBB Size: 166mb

Extract the file and move the extracted folder "com.WS.RE4" to "Storage/Android/Obb/here..."

Credit: ExproidProgamer

Resident Evil 4 Mobile by ExproidProgamer Mod APK Gameplay

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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