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Sonic the Hedgehog '06 - 3D Android APK

Sonic the Hedgehog (or usually called as Sonic '06) is a 2006 platform game published by Sega. It was originally published for Xbox 360 but now you can play this game on your mobile devices! This game is ported by Mefiresu and Sonic NEXT team, so do not forget to support them too.

Talking about Sonic will take us to the years where games with this platformer genre were so popular in their time. Moreover, the character of this blue hedgehog is quite popular both as a character in the game and in the cartoon series in his time. 

Sonic the Hedgehog, the blue hedgehog is arguably a busy pop culture icon for more than 25 years. During the 1990s, Sonic was busy fighting for his 'country', Sega, in the console war against Mario from Nintendo.

In the end, the two characters of this game decided to be at peace. The truce between the Sonic (Sega) and Mario (Nintendo) franchises began when the Dreamcast console era ended. After that Sonic became familiar with Nintendo. Although often under Nintendo's shadow, Sonic's collection of games has an unparalleled sense of speed including in the RPG genre, sports, and other games.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 android was produced to commemorate Sonic series 15th anniversary series, and aims as a reboot for the seventh generation video game console. The player controls Sonic, Shadow, and the new character Silver, who fights Solaris, an ancient evil pursued by Doctor Eggman. Each playable character has its own campaign and abilities, and must complete the level, explore the world of hubs and fight bosses to advance the story. 

In this Sonic the Hedgehog apk, the story focuses on platforming based on the speed seen in previous Sonic games, with some parts making him run at full speed while avoiding obstacles or riding snow boards. Another character, Princess Elise, must be controlled on several levels, and she can use a special barrier to keep Sonic. Shadow's section is also pace, albeit more combat-oriented, with some segments forcing her to ride the vehicle. Instead, the Silver stage is slower and revolves around the use of telekinesis to defeat enemies and solve puzzles. In certain areas, control is transferred to one of several friend characters, on their own merits.

Doctor Eggman kidnaps Princess Elise from Soleanna in hopes of harnessing the Fire of Disaster, the power of destruction sealed within her. You will accompanited with Sonic friends which is Tails and Knuckles, Sonic adventuring in order to protect Elise from Doctor Eggman. Meanwhile, Shadow and his agent Rouge accidentally unleash an evil spirit, The Mephiles. The spirit transports them to a post-apocalyptic future destroyed by a demonic monster, the Devil. When Mephiles meets silver and blaze who are still alive, he fools them into thinking Sonic is the cause of this destruction and sends them into the present to kill him. 

Sonic The Hedgehog apk is one of the legendary game characters created by the Japanese game company SEGA. Sonic is a hedgehog in blue created by creators Yuji Naka, Naoto Ohsima and Hirokazu Yazuhara. The game was first launched in 1991 under the title Sonic The Hedgehog. Sonic along with his friends such as Tails, Amy, Knuckles and fight his nemesis Doctor Eggman with his army of robots attempting to rule the world. For those of you lovers of legendary Sonic apk games you should check out this Sonic apk games that can entertain you at the following leisure time.
-HD Graphics
-Ported to Android
Link Download:

Size: 177mb

-Sonic Next Team

Sonic The Hedgehog '06 - 3D Android Gameplay

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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