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Granny - Mod Menu by NullZerep APK

Granny is an horror-escape game which your objective is to escape within 5 days from the mysterious house of the creepy Granny without getting caught, or else, Granny will kill you. But now with this mod menu made by NullZerep, there is no need to scared anymore! With this mod menu, you'll have so much things that you can do, like Godmode, making the Granny cannot move, or you can make the Granny become Thanos! Yep! You can make her dance and soon! There is also added more much new NPCs and Maps you can try! So what you waiting for? Go ahead and download this amazing mod!

This horror game locations us in the following situation: we're locked up in a residence from the place we have to get away and we are going to have to do so barring arousing the suspicions of the historical girl who's observing on us. This is going to be pretty difficult as we will have to be without a doubt silent as she's succesful of listening to nearly anything. If she catches us, we're in for a hiding and have to begin all over again. We've bought 5 days to break out from the residence which in reality capability that we have obtained 5 lives due to the fact every time we're caught, we will wake up the subsequent day.

We can engage with special factors of the house, such as doorways and drawers, and conceal below fixtures and internal wardrobes. The manipulate machine is additionally very simple: we will pass round with our left thumb and wit the proper one we will manipulate the place to seem towards. 
-Party Light
-New Characters (Thanos, Steve, Evil Nun, Slenderman, and much more)
-New Maps (Minecraft World, and more)
-New Animations
-Kill Granny
-Spawn Items
-Spawn Characters
-Gravity Editor
-Player Speed Changer
-And so much more!!
Link Download:

Size: 115mb

Credit: NullZerep

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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