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Yi Jian 弈剑 Offline Mod APK

Yi Jian is a free-style fighting game, unlike usual fighting game which you will just repeatedly tap button, in this game you will make your own moves by sliding the right area screen while moving around with left area screen. The other version of this game is online, but this is the offline version right now.

"Yi Jian" is an unbiased authentic martial arts action mobile game project, gamers will be in a panorama portray and any other swordsman to begin a exciting battle, no attribute battle, relying on the non-public competencies of each sides, in One stroke and one fashion are divided into excessive and low. There is a want for every move, and the physique and the sword are used to decide whether or not to hit every other. The sport not often makes use of the buttons, and the way of sliding display screen strikes ensures the easy and easy battle. The course of every slide is additionally the route of the sword. Each set of swords has its very own fashion and unbiased changes. . It is a extraordinarily free motion martial arts game, and we will strengthen a self-made pass machine in the later stage. 
-Unlimited Health
-Offline (Beta)
Link Download:

Size: 187mb

Once in menu, click the bottom, then right, then its chose the difficulty.

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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