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True Masters: Control Elements like in Avatar Mod APK

True Masters is a game where you can do element bending. Have you ever imagining yourself controling elementals like fire, rock, water, wind and soon like Avatar? Now you can! In this game you will be able to choose character and control their elemental attributes! So many characters and arena to try! Master the elements and be True Master! And with this mod apk, you will have unlimited money you can use!

In the past, the world was peaceful with the power of the four elements; Water, fire, soil and air. But all that changed after the fire nation struck. This is the popular sentence from the anime/cartoon series Avatar: The Last Airbender. Set in a fantasy world with martial elements, the Avatar series is full of epic battles. With a touch of magic each character has the ability to control one of the four basic elements, namely, wind, water, earth, and fire making the story even more interesting. Moreover, there is extra element you can use in this game, which is Thunder/Lighting element bending.

Lightning Bending in Avatar is an advanced form of fire control with the greatest degree of damage of all elements. To be able to master Lightning Bending one must have good mind control, empty emotions, and the separation of yin and yang in order to generate an electric current. A lightning controller is only able to create and direct lightning but cannot control it fully. Lightning Bending can used by two last character in the game as they trained aboard a hardship. 

Now lets talk about the basic element from True Masters which is water bending, earth bending, wind bending, and fire bending.

Waterbenders can universally bend water and ice to whatever shape they want. Of course only in very cold climates do they make structures out of pure ice. However, waterbenders also make weapons from destructive ice or that can conquer opponents. Controlling that flowing and graceful water, which means changing the attacker's own technique against them, allows the waterbender to attack while still in defence.

The Earth benders is sturdy and unyielding, of course its control will reflect those characteristics. That's the reason why earthbending is the hardest Aang element to master because while air is about going with the flow and evasiveness, earthbending commands you to stay strong and fight where you stand. However, they all know how to create a barrier or throw stones at you. Don't get hit.

Airbending is as destructive as the other three crazy and quite creative. Why do you think tornadoes are so great? Airbending is a free and fast-moving element. Airbenders values his freedom to escape from responsibilities that threaten his freedom. Even without control ability, they was fast and light-legged. Although not as hard as being hit by a flying rock, being hit by a hard object by a strong gust of air was painless.

Firebending is the most bender that can deal most damage. It is reluctantly acknowledge that fire control is weak in terms of defense. Firebenders always had to move constantly to dodge then send out their own attacks simultaneously. Their only defense movement was to form a fire barrier or circle of fire. Overall, their defense was their control. Fire is basically not bad, but it can kill or seriously injure you. However, it is also a source of light and life. Unfortunately, most firebenders use anger or hatred to "motivate" their control.

Overall, there are no elements that excel at each other and depend on how skilled/strong the bender is. 

True Masters is set in a pro-bending game, a sport taken from the first season, players must control the characters to be able to use the elements on the arena to mess with opponents. The goal is to be able to advance as far as possible in the arena, or throw the opponent until it is completely out of the arena. You can earn money by winning the battle, but with True Masters mod apk, you already have unlimited money, so fight with your heart and be the best element benders!
-Unlimited Money
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Size: 150mb

True Masters: Control Elements like in Avatar Mod Gameplay

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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