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PPSSPP Gold + Cheat & Shaders Pack APK

PPSSPP Gold + Cheat & Shaders Pack APK - Review

Well, as we will starting to also share a modded PSP Games, first we will share you the emulator for you to play the PSP games we will share! Most of you probably have know this PPSSPP emulator is the popular emu for playing PSP (ISO/CSO) games! We also have provided the cheat.db to enable cheat for the games and shaders pack to make the graphics become different! So go and check it out!

Play PSP games on your Android device, at high quality and also extra features!

PPSSPP is the first original and currently the best PSP emulator for Android. It runs a lot of PSP games smootly, well of course its depend on your device specification too.

There is no games included in this pack, so download yourself the game (.CSO/.ISO) via websites or download in in our PPSSPP Games Collection and download then put it in your SD card / USB storage!
-Cheat.db Included
-Shaders Pack
Link Download:

Size: 17mb

See you next time and stay tuned!

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1. Click the red button "DOWNLOAD"
2. After Download Station (ASUKALINK) opened, choose and click the link then open it.
3. Press the button "CLICK 2X TO CONTINUE" that appear.
5. If there an Ads appear, just close it (or by press back).
6. Wait 15 seconds for the generating link.
7. Click the "GET LINK"
8. There you will go into the download page!