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Dragon Ball Unreal Mobile APK

Dragon Ball Unreal or DBU is a 3D android created with the aid of Emudking, a.k.a Emudshit, single-handedly. This game developer is a hard-core Dragon Ball fan and also a Youtuber. This is solely a fan-made recreation originally introduced on July 13, 2015. There has been a public demo launched and is the recreation improvement is nonetheless in progress.

This game, developed with the aid of Unreal Engine 4, is reachable on each PC and cellular devices. The most current public demo has been on hand considering the fact that March 2019.

Dragon Ball Unreal is on hand on Android gadgets solely as of date. No model for IOS has been publicly introduced yet. It works first-class on cellular telephones with Snapdragon CPU. The cellular recreation elements persona customization, transformations, movement, and fight system.

The Antarctic and King Kai’s Planet are the solely maps reachable to discover in the cell build. Note that in this game, the greater the transformation you are in, the quicker your personality moves. 
-Goku (Normal, SSJ, SSJ3, SSJ4)
-Vegeta SSJ4
-Trunks SSJ
-The Antarctic and King Kai's Planet
-HD Graphics
-Unique Skills
-And much more!
Link Download:

Size: 1.37gb

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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