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CS 1.6 Mod: Point Blank Mobile Offline APK

Who didnt know about this legendary game called Point Blank? This game has been around since ages, and now you can play the game in your phone! Evenmore this is the offline version, so you would face off against bots which still giving you the masterplay! Go ahead download and bring back your childhood memories! This modpack made by Bill FLX, so dont forget to support them too!

Well this isnt the real Point Blank tho, this is Counter Strike 1.6 which modded so it will be like the Point Blank we know. But you wouldn't disappoint about it! Its so worth it!

In Point Blank, gamers be part of both the Free Rebels or CT-Force group (the Free Rebels are primarily based on the Terrorists from Counter-Strike, whilst CT-Force is primarily based on the Counter-Terrorists). Each group tries to entire their mission goal and/or put off the opposing team. Each spherical starts offevolved with the two groups spawning simultaneously, generally at contrary ends of the map from every other.

A participant can pick out to play as one of 4 distinct default personality fashions (Acid and Keen Eyes for CT-Force, and Red Bull and Tarantula for the Free Rebels). There are 4 purchasable deluxe personality models: Fennec and Pit Viper for CT-Force or Cheshire and Shadow for the Free Rebels. Players are commonly given a few seconds earlier than the spherical begins, or earlier than respawning, to alternate weapons and/or equipment. 
-High Compresses
-Counter Strike 1.6 Modded into Point Blank
Link Download:

APK Size: 7mb
DATA Size: 269mb (Extracted: 750mb)

Extract the files(2 times) and move the extracted folder "" to "Storage/Android/Data/here..." Or to anywhere you could remember easily.

Open the app and then go to the folder location and select the extracted folder, then launch the game.

-Moemod hymei moe team
-the Modder lankjamx
-David Vincent B
-seven foresight 
-Counter Strike Federation 
-Abd Rahman
-Joe krisna 
-Muhammad Fadla Wajiha Soleh
-RE-29 project
-And the other authors..

See you next time and stay tuned!

See you next time and stay tuned!

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