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Blade of God 2 DEMO APK

Blade of God 2 DEMO APK - Review

In this DEMO version you will fought one of the powerful boss. Prepare yourself because the battle will be extra hard. If you do not focus, you will dead. This is the DEMO version of the Blade of God 2 game, and this is offline (need to online first when entering the game). Check the game and beat the boss!

Blade of God 2 is a 3D hardcore action RPG game, and additionally a sequel of the "Blade of God series". In this game, gamers will be one of the painful and sadness, however extremely good heroes; to journey amongst the massive and mysterious Nordic kingdoms, to battle with the “sacrificers” who as soon as misplaced their "destiny", and launch a self-salvation travel.
This story passed off earlier than the Ragnarok, when the Nordic kingdoms have been surging with an unknown undercurrent. Odin, the king of the gods, launched a combat to seize wonderful souls. Loki, the evil god, regarded from the deep darkness. Chaos, the challenger of fate; Ester, the wakened Valkiri; Hela, the exiled queen of Helheim; and Ziegfeld, the Dragon Slayer. They all have exceptional goals, and they are going to open the prelude of the Ragnarok in this darkish age. 
-DEMO Offline version
Link Download:

Size: 510mb

See you next time and stay tuned!

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