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GTA IV Mobile by Freaky Studios APK

GTA IV is the eleventh title in the Grand Theft Auto series. And now you can play GTA IV Android in your mobile devices. Originally, the game was developed by Rockstar North, published and released by Rockstar Games for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC consoles. While the GTA IV Apk for Android is released by Freaky Studios! Do not forget to check on their another awesome project!

There are many reasons to love GTA IV, in addition to the above mentioned, this game also adds many new features that make the time in Liberty City feel fun. There are features related to the main story of the game there are also those that complement the nature. It turns out that it proves that although GTA IV is arguably older but it has technology that is not inferior to its successor. Even for some aspects it is superior to GTA V. Call it a physic car that is more real, as well as the reaction of NPCs in the game. But well of course, in this unofficial version, the feature is not full and same as the original.

In GTA IV, the player will play the protagonist named Niko Bellic. Niko was born and raised in Yugoslavia (Europe), then he came to America as an Immigrant. He is an honorable and logical-minded man despite his life in a criminal environment, it seems niko bellic is often shown to have authority over the problem. He was more cynical and pessimistic than something that was good for him. What is interesting about this series can not be denied is the story that is actually dark, bitter, and mature. What makes me say that? First, Niko Bellic's character always lived recklessly even when he first set foot in Liberty City. Second, there are a lot of characters with various interests that require gamers to keep in mind what is going on. Some will find it difficult to digest the story of Grand Theft Auto IV Android perfectly.

Grand Theft Auto IV tells the story of Niko Bellic, a Bosnian combat veteran, who was overshadowed by the betrayal of his military unit in the past. 10 years later Niko works as a smuggler, Niko leaves Eastern Europe, to end the wrath of his employer, Ray Bulgarin. After 6 months in the navy Niko received word from Roman's distant brother. Roman intends to invite Niko to come to Liberty City to pursue the "American Dream" and search for traitors to his military unit. Arriving in the city of Liberty City Niko realizes that the thing told by Roman whose life is full of wealth and luxury turns out to be an untrue lie, quite the contrary life is filled with debt violence and gambling.

Although in this GTA IV apk we still don't have any story yet, but the original Grand Theft Auto IV has a very complex plot with a very long list of characters. This is the first game that allows players to change choices, all of which have consequences. This creates an atmosphere where Niko is haunted and overshadowed by past actions wherever he goes. 

Admittedly, with everything there is, this game is a masterpiece. Even in the story of Grand Theft Auto V has nothing compared to its predecessor. The Mafia is actually depicted in detail in Grand Theft Auto IV. So it's only natural that Grand Theft Auto IV won Game of the Year 2008.
-GTA IV Animations
-GTA IV Graphics
-Two Parts of Liberty City
-Swimming System
-Roman's Car
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Size: 220mb

GTA IV Mobile by Freaky Studios APK Gameplay

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